We offer many different types of walkway material choices and setting options to meet the needs of each clients. Design to Development we can walk you thru the walkway process (PUN INTENDED).
Our masonry service areas include Retaining Walls, Stone Veneer, Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, Belgium Block, Concrete Work & Foundations, Custom Masonry, Swimming Pools & Spas and Walkways & Patios.
All our contractors are licensed and Insured
Whether it's a big or small project, always remember, this your home, your greatest asset. Take a look at our answers to some common questions we've received.

Retaining Walls Masonry

  • Can you make our retaining wall look nicer? 
    <em>Can you make our retaining wall look nicer? </em>

    Yes! If you need to either install or replace a retaining wall, we can help you make it beautiful as well as functional. We are masonry experts, so we can help you select materials that match the style of your home and your existing hardscaping. We can also make suggestions about how to incorporate a retaining wall as part of your garden, so it enhances the look of your property. 

  • Can’t I just put in a retaining wall myself?

    Very few homeowners have the know-how and equipment for a DIY retaining wall. In most cases, installing a retaining wall requires moving earth and large amounts of stone or other materials. It is also essential to understand the physics of the wall, so it does its job, and how the wall will affect drainage on your property and potentially, your neighbors’ property. Our 25 years of experience with licensed and insured contractors means you’ll get the job done right.

Stone Veneer Masonry

  • What is stone veneer?
    <em>What is stone veneer?</em>

    Stone veneer is a covering of stone used in a variety of ways. It may be added to the exterior of a business or home, to an interior as an accent wall for texture, to a fireplace or hearth, or to an exterior landscaping element, such as a planter box or terrace. 

  • Do you install stone veneer?

    Yes, Chief Construction and Masonry are experts at working with stone veneer in many applications. Because we are both construction and masonry experts, we are pros at the art of using stone veneer to enhance curb appeal and create a unique look. We have hundreds of stone products available to us so that you can always find one that meets your budget, taste, and structural needs. 

Outdoor Kitchens Masonry

  • Are outdoor kitchens worth it? 
    <em>Are outdoor kitchens worth it? </em>

    In our experience, outdoor kitchens are a great investment for several reasons. First, they allow you to expand your living space considerably during warmer weather. Blurring indoor and outdoor spaces is a hot concept right now, and outdoor kitchens employ this idea to make the most of entertaining. Furthermore, outdoor kitchens improve your property and give you an extra edge if you are looking to sell. 

  • Why should we hire Chief Construction and Masonry to build our outdoor kitchen?

    Our company brings over 25 years of contracting and construction experience to every project. Because we are experts in both kitchens and masonry for outdoor spaces, we can give you the best of both worlds. You’ll get a space that flows well and looks stunning, as well as one that is made to endure. 

Fireplaces Masonry

  • Do you do fireplace construction? 
    <em>Do you do fireplace construction? </em>

    Yes, as masonry pros, we have done numerous fireplace projects, including: 

    • New home construction
    • Home additions
    • Residential remodeling
    • Outdoor fireplaces
    • Fireplace and hearth repairs

    We also have the expertise to provide a beautiful fireplace mantel and to build all the surrounding wood trim, such as for bookcases or entertainment units. 

  • What is the best kind of fireplace?

    The best kind of fireplace is the one that suits your lifestyle and the aesthetics of your home. For some people, this is a traditional wood fireplace. For others, it’s a wood stove installation in a stone hearth for both beauty and heat. We also have clients who love the convenience of gas stoves or the eco-friendly efficiency of pellet stoves. 

Belgium Block Masonry

  • What is Belgium block? 
    <em>What is Belgium block? </em>

    Also known as Belgian block, sett, or Sampietrini, this is a type of solid block stone used in paving, walkways, and borders. It is similar to cobblestone, but it is smoother and more regular, so it’s easier to maintain and safer underfoot. Usually quarried of granite, Belgium block is also used to enhance walls as a veneer and in shelving. It’s a very versatile building component!

  • Why should we install Belgium block?

    Belgium block offers incredible longevity that other materials do not. When used in the yard or garden for pathways, it adds Old World charm to your property and blends easily with nature. It can be arranged in many different patterns and can even be used to create beautiful driveways and patios. When installed as a border, it keeps your lawn from encroaching in your landscaping beds, and it boosts the curb appeal of your property. 

Concrete Work & Foundations

  • Do you do foundations and concrete work?
    <em>Do you do foundations and concrete work?</em>

    Yes, we are pros at digging and pouring foundations and concrete used for hardscaping, drainage areas, steps, and terracing. We also do in-ground swimming pools and outdoor kitchens, where concrete may play a vital role. 

  • What should we look for when hiring a general contractor for a foundation or concrete project?

    First, you want to make sure the contractor is experienced. At Chief Construction and Masonry, we bring over 25 years of experience to every job, whether new commercial construction or a home renovation. We are knowledgeable about blockwork, slabs, forming, foundation repair, underpinning, and footings. You also want to look for these elements, which we offer all our clients: 

    • Licensing and insurance
    • A history of great reviews from homeowners and construction colleagues
    • Knowledge of local building codes, soil types, and resources
    • Integrating foundation and concrete work into the aesthetics and functionality of the existing property or a larger project

Custom Masonry

  • What are the advantages of custom masonry?
    <em>What are the advantages of custom masonry?</em>

    Using professionals well versed in custom masonry, like Chief Construction and Masonry, means your project will perfectly fit the style of your home. Custom masonry experts will have access to hundreds of products to give you just the right look, such as bluestone, paver stone, concrete, or stamped concrete asphalt. And your project will function just as you dreamed it would too, or even better. We can often make suggestions you haven’t thought of to take your custom masonry project to the next level (pun intended). 

  • What types of custom masonry projects do you do?

    Chief Construction and Masonry is experienced in a wide variety of custom masonry projects, including: 

    • New commercial construction
    • New and renovated homes
    • Historic homes
    • Kitchens and baths
    • Fireplaces and hearths
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Swimming pools and spas
    • Gardens, pathways, and driveways
    • Stone veneer
    • Belgium block

Swimming Pools and spas

  • Should we install a swimming pool or spa?
    <em>Should we install a swimming pool or spa?</em>

    For many homeowners, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” With our summers seemingly getting hotter every year, having a pool gives you a place to cool off and refresh. Pools and spas are also perfect for entertaining, keeping the kids busy, and improving your exercise habits. You can use a spa all year long, and it’s the ideal way to relax after a long day. If you live in an upscale neighborhood, when it’s time to sell your home, having a pool or spa will add to the value of your home for buyers who expect those amenities. 

  • How can you help with our swimming pool and spa installation?

    At Chief Construction and Masonry, we can do it all, from the initial planning to the final touches. We are excavation experts for digging your pool, and we are also pros at working with concrete and masonry, as the project progresses. If you want to add a pool house or outdoor kitchen, we can do that for you as well. 

Walkway and patio masonry

  • How can we improve our patio and walkways?
    <em>How can we improve our patio and walkways?</em>

    There are multiple ways to improve your outdoor spaces, and at Chief Construction and Masonry, we’ll meet with you to help create a plan that works with your needs and your home’s style. Every homeowner is different. Some of the issues we can help with include: 

    • Creating a better flow of traffic
    • Improving patio and walkway durability
    • Making patio and walkway surfaces safer and easier to maintain
    • Restoring historic charm to older homes
    • Expanding outdoor living space
    • Working with swimming pools and spas
    • Building outdoor kitchens
  • Is it worth investing in walkways and patios?

    Yes, it is! Your outdoor spaces are the first things people see when arriving at your home, so it is with your curb appeal you make your first impression. Also, by having pleasant outdoor spaces where you can enjoy your warmer months, you expand your living space. 

    If you have walkways that are hard to shovel in winter, or if you have a dilapidated patio in the backyard, we can get rid of your aggravation and restore your outdoor spaces to what they should be. We have many options for you, including bluestone, paver stone, concrete, and stamped concrete asphalt, so you’re sure to find something right for your style and budget. 

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