Stop breaking your back and taking time away from you and your family, let our trained professionals do the work for you! We do everything from pressure washing to snow removal.
Our maintenance areas include Pressure Washing, Commercial Property Maintenance, and General Maintenance.
All our contractors are licensed and Insured
Whether it's a big or small project, always remember, this your home, your greatest asset. Take a look at our answers to some common questions we've received.

  • Do you do maintenance work? 
    <em>Do you do maintenance work? </em>

    Yes, we can help your home or business with one-time or ongoing maintenance, whether for a vacation, a season, or a year. 

  • What kinds of maintenance do you do?

    In addition to commercial property maintenance, we assist homeowners with things like: 

    • Repairs
    • Painting
    • Snow removal 
    • Pressure washing
  • What is pressure washing?
    <em>What is pressure washing?</em>

    Pressure washing is using a high-pressure water spray--more than a regular garden hose--for cleaning outdoor surfaces.

  • Does my property need pressure washing? 
    <em>Does my property need pressure washing? </em>

    Most homeowners can use pressure washing services at certain times of the year: 

    • To prepare structural exteriors and decks for painting or staining
    • To remove mold and mildew
    • To loosen and wash away mud and grime from decks, patios, driveways, steps, walkways, fences, and outdoor kitchens

    After a long winter or an autumn of falling leaves and acorns, pressure washing can make your outdoor spaces look new again. And removing dirt and other unwanted material enhances the life of your home and its surroundings. 

  • Why should we hire commercial property maintenance? 
    <em>Why should we hire commercial property maintenance? </em>

    Your commercial property is your bread and butter, whether your business occupies the building or you rent it out for income. It’s vital to keep it in tip-top shape both as an investment and for customers coming to your premises. However, your business isn’t  keeping up a commercial property, which can be a full-time job. So, it makes sense to hire experts to take this off your plate. Then, you can spend your time running your business. 

  • What do commercial property maintenance professionals do? 

    At Chief Construction and Masonry, our commercial property maintenance duties include:

    • Building maintenance and repair
    • Snow removal
    • Keeping the property exterior tidy and appealing, as the seasons demand
    • Fire safety inspections
    • General construction management and project oversight

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